Bamboo Cotton Swab Sticks

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The Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% biodegradable. The eco-cotton buds come in a  recycled paper box. This eco-friendly option is a great alternative to polluting plastic cotton swabs. There are 200 wooden cotton buds in the box.

Bamboo is a sustainable renewable resource. The Bamboo Cotton Buds are durable and stronger than paper sticks that do not cope well with water. Too many plastic cotton buds are ending up in our oceans and landfills. Make the eco-friendly choice of using Bamboo cotton buds for a cleaner planet.

Bamboo Cotton Swab Stick is a high-quality cotton-tipped bamboo stick, 100% organic, and Biodegradable Cotton Swabs. These ear cotton swabs feature soft cotton tips that make them safe for use. The wood cotton swab has a wide range of usage, including makeup, baby, pet care, arts & crafts, first aid, household cleaning, model building, and more.


  • Size 200pcs
  • Quantity : 200pcs / 1 box
  • FeatureDouble-sided, blue, green, pink
  • MaterialCotton head + bamboo  stick handle
  • Usage: Home used, Ear cleaning, Makeup cleaning, Medical use

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