Toe Adjuster Corrector Pedicure Socks

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Big Toe corrector brace is designed by orthopedists and surgeons. It’s a modern medical product for correcting deformation hallux valgus and bunion with maximum comfort and padding and moderate realignment of your bunions while sleep, also wear around the house during normal daily activities. Bone Thumb Adjuster is the best toe straightener and most comfortable hallux valgus treatment splint, allows your toes and feet to move naturally while maintaining their alignment.

Soft Pedicure Socks  Bunion has a combination of soft toe brace and steel bendable toe stabilizer bar, provides protective and corrective support. Use the three ergonomic wrap strap to get the perfect fit around your foot and big toe. Use the Bendable Toe Stabilizer to conform the splint to the contour of your bunion for greater comfort. You can also bend the Stabilizer to provide more inward torque to straighten your big toe.


  • Size: 1pair
  • Material: Silicone
  • Type: Orthopedic Supplies

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