5 In 1 Electric Bath/Shower Exfoliating Spin Brush

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Ergonomic design can be used as a Bath Massager, makes your body more relaxed, clean, speed up circulation, and regulate blood pressure. The curved handle makes it easy to clean the entire body. Anti-slipping long handle design, you are free to wash any part of your body and makes it easy to reach your back and legs.

Includes five accessories - Microderm, massage, brush, pumice, and cleaning head. Easy to use, suitable, safe, and convenient for the elderly, and children.

  • Non-slip design to relax muscle meridians, effectively relieve fatigue.
  • Remove dead skin, relieve stress. Does not hurt the skin - enjoy the pleasure of taking a shower.
  • Strong waterproof, ABS material
  • Hook design can be suspended after use for convenient storage
  • Size: 360*80*35mm

Shipping 2 weeks