Jade Stone Face Massage Roller for Face Tightening

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Stress can bring tension, and tension may be the cause of fluid retention and bad circulation, jaw pain, and headaches. We do not want that, do we? That’s why our beauty kit includes a ridged skin Jade Stone Face Massage Roller and a Gua Sha facial tool, for you to give yourself the spa treatment you deserve, in order to reconnect with yourself and relieve the stress you’ve been accumulating. Enjoy it 2-3 times a week for a flawless look.

The Jade Stone Face Massage Roller is made with a premium 100% natural jade stone. Jadestone is heavy and naturally cool to the touch, perfect for a revitalizing facial massage. Tighten and tone your skin for a smoother, fresher, more youthful complexion! Features dual-ended rollers with a smooth polished surface. Use the big roller to massage the neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Use the smaller roller to massage areas around the eyes, nose, and lips. Rollers are detachable for easy cleaning.

Pop the ball-shaped eye-roller tool in the fridge or freezer for a depuffing effect. We know, crystal Jade Roller is naturally cooling, but the colder, the fresher, and soother the results are! Place it carefully on the closed eye and give it a gentle massage or do it underneath and don’t forget to carry it with you in your purse when you go out.



  • Material: Jade
  • Size: 14.5CM*5CM

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