Face V Shaper Facial Slimming Bandage

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Double Chin Face Thinning Band material is more breathable, soft and has no bad smell. What's more, the addition of graphene is more effective than a traditional face-slimming strap, which can promote blood circulation when using the product without harming the face. Thin face belt is suitable for men and women. Lifting Belt can stimulate cell regeneration and repair, transforming from your existing face to a slim V face.

Face lifting belt could effectively tighten the skin of face and neck, slimming the face and improve the wrinkles of the face to remove double chins and prevent sagging cheeks. Shape your perfect V-line chin and lift your facial lines. Keeping your chin up and improve facial contours at any time. The face slimming band is washable and reusable.

Relaxation Lift Up Belt has no side effect, mild for kinds of skin, will not cause allergic reactions, safe to use. Tighten your skin by physical method. Lift your facial contours and avoid a double chin, you will feel comfortable with the super-soft cloth. Reshape a face curves for you. The face lifting band is super easy to use. You can wear the belt while sleeping, reading, working or Watch TV. 

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