LCD Plasma Pen Laser Machine

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 The enhanced PICO second pulsed light pen provides outstanding performance to ensure that powerful and fast energy directly splits the melanin. It is effective in the removal of freckles, acne marks, mole, nevus, tattoo,s and so on. Lightweight and compact, delicate package, more convenient to carry. Suitable for home, beauty salon, and training center use
LCD Plasma Pen Laser effectively dissolves melanin into fine particles to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits, reduce freckles and dark spots, refine the skin from the inside to maintain a healthy glow. Blue light power is large, mainly to wash the eyebrows, wash the tattoo, point, freckle.
Tattoo Mole Removal Machine is the short pulse width, hardly produce light and heat effect. No hurting normal skin, no bleeding, and pain. No scars. Powerful and rapid energy breaks up dark pigment directly to improve skin condition. Choose this beauty device, fewer recovery time, accurate operation, better improve effects, more safety.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: electric
  • Function: Facial Clean
  • Size: 10.50*20.50*4.00
  • Rechargeable: USB Type
  • Type: Blackhead Remover
  • Item Name: LCD Plasma Pen
  • Model Number: B-LMH20030

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